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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kool-aid anyone?

Okay, So after much trial and error, I have finally successfully dyed my own yarn with Kool-aid!

first, I filled the pot about halfway with hot tap water and vinegar, and submerged the yarn in it. I let it soak about an hour just to make sure the yarn had absorbed the water. After the yarn was soaked, I poured most of the water out so the remaining water was not quite covering the yarn, but close. Then I turned the stove on and brought the yarn to a simmer. After turning on the heat, I poured in my colors. Slowly and carefully I poured the kool-aid in towards the edges of the pot, evenly spaced – when you pour at the edges, the colors will bleed in to the center. SO you don't want to start in the middle or else your colors will get muddled. 

I just kept it at a simmer until the color was all absorbed in the yarn, not the water.
Then I poured the water out through the colander and let it cool to room temperature.
After it cooled I rinsed it with equal temperature water and squeezed the water out. Then I let it hang it to dry overnight.
Here it is!
Somethings I have learned, DON'T use cotton, keep your yarn neat through the hole process so you don't spend countless wasted hours trying to untangle it, and have patience.   

I will buy white wool next time so the colors are more vibrant. This was a cream color so it's not just how I want it. The above picture I enhanced with photo shop. I thought it looked sweet. 
Anyway I can't wait to dye more yarn and start making stuff! Let me know what you think! 


  1. That top pic looks like spaghetti. I was a little confused at first. Cool idea, hun!

  2. Super cool! I'm definitely inspired.

  3. I think that looks really cool actually. What a fun way to make your own colors.

  4. that's truly amazing!! i'm super impressed. you should sell your yarn too! people do it all the time on etsy. next time you do it call me and i'll watch and learn! :)

  5. did you use wool yarn to do this or does it not matter?


  6. You have to use any kind of protein yarn. This as 50% wool 50% alpaca.